Musical Director

Emma Marsh

In the summer of 2021, we welcomed Emma Marsh into our band. We feel blessed to have you in our Samba lives as Musical Director!!

Emma's bio.................

"I’m an experienced percussionist, trained instrumentalist, tutor and music producer from Manchester. I play the flute, piano, guitar, drum-kit as well as being a producer for other musical artists, and I am passionate about music in all its forms. I regularly teach many different styles of drumming in schools, and am very lucky to be part of the brilliant network of creatives based in Manchester, for example 'Global Grooves' and 'Future Leaders'.

I discovered the world of drumming in 2007, at the age of 7, and was lucky to be mentored by a huge network of inspiring carnival musicians and artists. I soon found myself 'diving in at the deep end' at a young age, with lots of different hands-on opportunities to learn the craft of workshop leadership, and teaching many of the diverse styles and backgrounds of music/percussion from across the world. This beautifully connected me to my heritage and forever brings amazing opportunities into my musical life; notably travelling to Gambia to learn from Gambian percussionists, take part in a carnival event and teach in a school.

I am now so proud to be a part of Sambafriq, a group that I watched, enjoyed and admired as a child entering the fantastic world of percussion for the first time! Having the opportunity to join such a group has been an absolute pleasure; the vibes are just great! I can’t wait to see the connection develop and to play some top rhythms!"
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