Kody Roberts

SambAfriq is keen to support and encourage future leaders. We are delighted to have talented percussionist Kody Roberts, aged just 15, as our Deputy Music Director. Kody started drumming with the band 9 years ago at the age of 7, introduced to the world of samba by his grandma Caroline who still plays in the band. He started out with hand drumming on timba before picking up beaters to play surdo and then sticks for snare rhythms.

It was the Global Grooves Future Leaders programme in 2021/22 that nurtured his developing talent: 'The future leaders programme helped me understand more rhythms than just samba like bangra, maracatu and Cuban drumming. It helped build my confidence and helped me understand that leading a band isn't just about the music, it is about understanding everyone's ability and catering to that, to make sure everyone gets the most out of the experience. Since going on Future Leaders, I have had opportunities to go and do work experience with Global Grooves and do gigs with them.'

Kody has led SambAfriq confidently at a number of performances over the past year. He is also developing his own rhythms and arrangements.

Mentored by our Musical Director, Emma Marsh, he continues to grow in talent as a musician and leader and has a brilliant future ahead.

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