Samba is a type of music and dance developed from the musical traditions of African slaves in Brasil.

Samba is played by the Baterias, these are the groups of percussionists of the Samba Schools in Rio and São Paulo. Samba originated in the north of Brasil and was developed in Rio at the turn of the last century.

There are a variety of rhythms, such as Maracatu and Samba Reggae. These are mainly played in other parts of Brasil by groups who are called ‘Bandas’ and ‘Grupos’.

In Rio, samba is inseparable from the Carnival and the samba schools compete with each other to win first prize. Samba is truly the ‘popular art’ of the people, and samba schools are important social structures in a world which can be very uncertain if you are not wealthy. They are inclusive and everyone has a place.