Upcoming Gigs

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4 Responses to “Upcoming Gigs”

  1. Stephen Dyson says:

    Brinscall Festival GIG 20102 — the day went really well for us despite being rained on at the end. We managed to do the parade without the rain which was great for us carrying the drums and also for the kids from the local school who were all dressed up in various costumes. When we reached the main event the down pour began. As as ways we kept smiling and played another set in between the rain shower. The organisers were very happy and have booked us again for next year! Well done everyone involved

  2. Stephen Dyson says:

    Ingol Carnival GiG — we had a lovely day here. The weather was very good and we played 3 sets in the afternoon. The event was very well organised and it was a pleasure to be asked to play. The organisers were again very happy with the bands performance.

  3. Shirley dickens says:

    I went to Chorley flower show July 2016 and saw the band and dancers. It was foot tapping, energy inspiring music. Impossible to listen & stay still!! A really wonderful addition to a summer show . Glad the sun shone this year after the downpours last year.

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